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Why the ASSITEJ Magazine has Gone Digital

ASSITEJ has decided that the ASSITEJ Magazine will be transformed from a print edition into an online magazine. We all feel that the internet has great power to connect people, especially during this pandemic. We experienced it ourselves during the previous award-winning ASSITEJ World Congress. The possibilities are immense for the global TYA community.
We think going online will offer more accessibility and will be more sustainable. Everyone, including our members, can easily join and enjoy reading the digital magazine anywhere and at any time if they are online. It can also be readily adapted into a more barrier free version. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and definitely contributes to ASSITEJ’s sustainability agenda.
The online magazine is easy to update and archive as well.
Each year’s editions will be separately archived with their own style, design and spirit. The printed magazine was an annual one, but now we can publish more frequently and offer new articles. We are aiming to publish new articles monthly on a trial basis, starting from the launch in December until the opening of the Artistic Gathering in May 2022.
This digital magazine is something new for us, but we believe our members will support this decision.
Let’s go digital and enjoy the ASSITEJ Magazine online 2022!

The Communications working group