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A Greeting and Acknowledgement from Asa Simma, of the Sami people.

By Åsa Simma /Hoavda/Teaterchef at Giron Sámi Teáhter and member of the International Committee/Bibu/ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2022

Soon we will be gathered from many nations in the City of Helsingborg, in the country now called Sweden. A country that has occupied Sami territory for many hundred years. Sami Territory now, is about 80 % of the country now called Sweden.

I want to acknowledge the Sami people in this city who’s association is called, Sámit lulde/ Sami people in the south.

We acknowledge our past

  • when our earth was nurturing our oral traditions
  • when night sky evoked the visions of our dreams
  • when sun and the moon were our parents in stories told
  • when storytelling made us all brothers and sisters
  • when our stories brought forth great chiefs and leaders
  • when justice was upheld in the stories told

We will

  • Hold and manage Indigenous cultural and intellectual property
  • Ensure our continued recognition as primary guardians and interpreters of our culture
  • Respect Indigenous individuals and communities
  • Faithfully preserve our traditional knowledge with performing arts
  • Use our skills to communicate with nature and all living things
  • Heal our wounds through the performing arts
  • Preserve and pass on our stories to those not yet born